Welcome to Brela, hot springs!


Brela is a small tourist place on the Makarska Riviera. Brela offers a wealth of crystal clear sea, 6 km of natural pebble beaches, the smell and beauty of dense pine forest, which is largely a protected monument of cultural heritage, numerous walking trails intertwined by the promenade along the sea, over old huts pride the old Dalmatian architecture, all to the very top of the mountain Biokovo.
Because of its natural and cultural wealth, Brela has played an important role since the beginning of tourism in Makarska Riviera. Today, Brela continues its long tradition of offering comfortable accommodation and hospitality to its people, old Dalmatian cuisine, wines, songs and entertainment. The municipality of Brela consists of two settlements:
Brela Gornje, located in the Zabljakovo area, is located almost entirely within the Nature Park of Biokovo and the settlement of Brela, which consists of several hamlets on both sides of the highway, the largest of which are Soline and Donje Selo.